Act-Age series story are broken into several story arcs (collections of consecutive chapters/episodes that follow a particular storyline within the main plot). There are currently 3 story arcs of Act-Age series as of December 2018. The following provides information on the story arcs, such as the arc name, a brief description of the arc, and the chapters within the arc.

Prologue Arc


This arc introduced main characters of the series, Kei Yonagi and Sumiji Kuroyama, as well as some supporting characters related to main characters. This arc explained what acting skills Yonagi has, also her weakness and risk in acting. Kuroyama tried to guide her to become an actress. An actress who someday will be star in his film he want to make.

Manga Anime
Number of Chapters 5 Number of Episodes N/A


Death Island Arc

Death Island

This arc started with Yonagi taking an open audition for film "Death Island" produced by Stars Agency. In this audition she met new co-stars namely Takemitsu Karasuyama, Masaki Minamoto and Akane Yushima. She also met an actress who was recognized as the best actress from her generation and has the nickname "Angels of Stars". The actress was Chiyoko Momoshiro. This arc told about "Death Island" film production. How Yonagi performed for first time in film with new co-stars and also acting with the 'Angel', Chiyoko.

Manga Anime
Number of Chapters 18 Number of Episodes N/A


Stage Production Arc

Stage Production

This arc started with Yonagi going to watch Stage Play with her co-star on "Death Island" film, Akira Hoshi. The stage play displayed Yonagi the difference between film acting and stage play acting. After the play she encountered Stage Play Star, Araya Myoujin who asked her if she is an actor. Then Kuroyama asked her to take part in the stage play, under direction of Yuujirou Iwao. Eventually, Akira also took part in this play. This arc told about stage production. How Yonagi covered her weakness on expression and how she acted with Araya, Akira and another co-stars directly in front of audience.

Manga Anime
Number of Chapters 25 Number of Episodes N/A